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emergent slow arcs

Ephemeris Mist

Above – a one minute preview. Below – the full video.

The video for Ephemeris Mist was filmed entirely from within Tommy’s basement flat in Dundee where the Emergent Slow Arcs album was produced. It tells the story of the album’s nocturnal creation and is the visual equivalent of some of the strange processes used to make the music. To begin, Tommy remixed the video that Modern Studies made for their song Mud & Flame turning it into a colourful abstract composition. He took this remixed video and projected it onto water cascading down from the shower in his bathroom. Filmed in super-slow-motion at 1000 frames-a-second he was able to capture the light refracted through each water droplet. Tommy projected this footage making the colourful rain illuminate details of his quirky home. And all of this was done in the middle of the night as quietly as possible so as to not wake his sleeping family!

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